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Albert Pike DeMolay
Alumni Chapter No. 54

On July 8, 1927, a bulletin was sent to each Chapter of DeMolay outlining the formation of an Alumni Chapter and stating, “the purpose of the DeMolay Alumni is to keep intact the friendships occasioned by former (active) DeMolay membership, to foster, aid and promote peace and harmony.” Each DeMolay Chapter was requested to start an Alumni Chapter. Any man who formerly held active membership in the Order and who held a Supreme Council Majority Certificate was eligible to petition for membership in a local chapter of Alumni. Albert Pike DeMolay Alumni Chapter No. 54 was issued Letters of Dispensation on January 31, 1928, and was set to work on July 31, 1928, with a charter membership of nineteen. A National Conference of DeMolay Alumni was held March 17, 1928, during the time of the Eighth Annual Session of the Supreme Council. Albert Pike Alumni Chapter was granted its Permanent Charter at this conference and session.

The officers of the Albert Pike DeMolay Alumni Chapter No. 54 in June 1929 were as follows:

President Howard Emery Bradley
First Vice President Marshall L. Sheppard
Second Vice President Ralph John Aniol
Treasurer C. Smidt
Secretary Jack Ernest Adams
Sergeant-At-Arms John W. S. DeSalme

Other members as of June 1929 included Kinney Graves, H. Kirk, Albert William Hartman, Jr., James Madison Elledge, William August Hill, T. Burnett, Horace Newton Gibson, E. J. Tiner, and William Clark Young.

Alumni Chapters lasted until April 11, 1936 and served as an expression of Founder Frank S. Land that those who had been active members in their youth should continue to be of service to the challenging dedication of DeMolay. An Alumni Chapter was presided over by a president.

The International Supreme Council reestablished the International DeMolay Alumni Association at the 64th Annual Session in 1984. Local Alumni Chapters have been reauthorized under the distinctive style of local Alumni Associations. The first new local association was Sarasota Alumni Association No. 1 in Sarasota, Florida, chartered on February 22, 1986.


Past Presidents of Albert Pike DeMolay
Alumni Chapter No. 54

Term Name
  Charles Dufner
June 1929 Howard Emery Bradley
October 31, 1929 Ralph John Aniol