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W.T. Garven Court (No. 4)
Order of Chivalry

For several years prior to 1928, DeMolay Founder Frank S. Land had in mind the grouping of boys 13, 14 and 15 years of age into a movement to be known as the Order of Chivalry, sponsored by DeMolay Chapters, Alumni Chapters, or Masonic Bodies, the units to be called Courts, and the young members pledged to petition for membership in the Order of DeMolay when they reached the required age of 16. At the 1928 session of the International Supreme Council, Dad Land was granted authority to inaugurate the Order of Chivalry.

The sole purpose of the Order was based on the same principle as the pledge system used by college fraternities, the securing of prospective members for DeMolay Chapters when the pledges are eligible. A one degree ritual was written by Frank A. Marshall, author of the DeMolay Ritual. A member of the Order of Chivalry was in no measure to be called a DeMolay or a Junior DeMolay. He was a member of his own distinctive organization and was to be so regarded.

Albert Pike Chapter No. 58 instituted the W. T. Garven Court Order of Chivalry on September 29, 1928. It was named after a Past Chapter Advisor of the Chapter, who is pictured below:

W. T. Garven

In three years only 18 courts were established. The movement lasted until 1931, when it was closed sine die. They were never reactivated. A Court was presided over by an Illustrious Warden. The first Advisor of the W. T. Garven Court was Oscar A. McCracken Jr., the first Master Councilor of Albert Pike Chapter No. 58. The 1930 Advisor was P. M. Hucker.


Past Illustrious Wardens of
W.T. Garven Court (No. 4)

Term Name
Sept.-Dec. 1928 Edward H. Hill
Jan.-Mar. 1929 James Decker
April-June 1929 Stanley Vernon Marks
July-Nov. 1929 John G. Magee
Dec. 1929-March 1930 Herbert Lamar Karsch
April 1930-Sine Die Burnett Mason

Officers installed with Burnett Mason (pictured below) were as follows:

Illustrious Warden
Burnett Mason

Office Name
Deputy Illustrious Warden Herman Geyer
Senior Warden Watson Stain
Junior Warden Joe Johnson
Conductor Gilbert Ruiz
Assistant Conductor H. C. Neal
Marshal Robert Baird
Chaplain Edward Felder
Keeper of Banner Norman Swartz
Master of Trumpeters Stanley Marks
Keeper of the Inner Court Lawrence Owens
Keeper of the Outer Court Lorson Krish
Keeper of Records James Decker